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JSTC Rubber Products for Recycling.(JSTC LSR product)
JSTC Rubber Products for Recycling.(JSTC LSR product)

Natural rubber is extracted from the Hevea brasiliensis tree in South America, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. The latex rubber is removed from the trees via a tap and transported to factories where it is used in production. Synthetic rubber is made through a process called polymerization and the production method is similar to that of plastic. Both natural and synthetic rubber products can be recycled to form new products or to repair damaged ones.


Benefits of Recycled Rubber Products

Though the process of recycling rubber is not always simple, it is generally beneficial in several ways. Recycled rubber is much less expensive than natural rubber or rubber that is made synthetically. Also, the process of creating recycled rubber products requires less energy overall. Rubber is often difficult to dispose of properly, but recycling is relatively easy.

Components of Rubber Products

There are four different types of rubber used to make rubber products like gloves, vehicles, tubes and tires. Each type can be recycled. Natural rubber is often used in vehicles like large trucks and trailers. Styrene-butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber are used to make small cars and motorcycles, as well as bicycles. And finally, butyl rubber is used for inner tube manufacturing. Rubber often contains additives such as polymers, softeners, fire retardants and activators to improve the finished product.

Reusing Rubber Products

One way to recycle rubber products is to repair them rather than discarding them. Tires and rubber tubes can be easily repaired using patching systems and other methods. One of those methods, regrooving, involves patching products by hand. Retreading tires is another popular method of recycling rubber products and some vehicles, such as buses and large trucks, can have their tires retreaded up to six times before they must be discarded.

Reusing Rubber Materials

A little different than reusing rubber products like tires, reusing rubber materials involves breaking down rubber products. Rubber tubes and tires are broken down as far as possible to their natural states and their rubber is refashioned into entirely different products. Recycled rubber products include shoes and gloves. Tools used to recycle rubber and make new rubber products include shears, tongs and hammers. Some companies reduce the rubber products to its granular form before processing it.

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