JCTC Silicone Rubber Types

ContributorManufacturers use silicone rubber in applications such as medical products, sealants, cookware and electronic devices. The material consists of a silicon-based polymer fortified with filler such as chalk, quartz and fumed silica. Silicone rubber keeps its elasticity and flexibility under a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions; additionally, silicone rubber is resistant to good ozone and heat.
Silicone Rubber Rolls
Silicone rubber is available in rolls about 36 inches wide and up to 66 feet long. It is orange-red and has a smooth surface. In addition, silicone rubber rolls withstand temperatures ranging from -80 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
Commercial Grade Silicone
Manufactures use commercial grade silicone for institutional and industrial applications. It is orange-red with a smooth surface and holds up in temperatures from -60 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, this type of silicone rubber is ozone resistant and ultra-violet resistant. Commercial grade silicone consists of cross-linked polymer strengthened with silica.
Transparent Silicone Rubber
Transparent silicone rubber has a smooth, semi-clear surface that withstands temperatures from -80 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. It is an odorous substance that offers good tensile strength for bonding slim materials. This type of silicone rubber is commonly used in gaskets, keypads and o-rings.
Manufacturers use silicone rubber in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and medical procedures. Some mechanical engineering uses are spark plug caps, window seals, door seals and heating hoses in vehicle. Electrical engineers may use silicone rubber in conductive profiled seals, cable terminations and keyboards. In addition, manufacturers use silicone rubber to make medical equipment such as catheters, dialysis tubing and transfusion components.


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