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        Jiangsu Tianchen New Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianchen New Material"), located in the Economic Development Zone of Yangzhong City, covers an area of about 90 acres, with a construction area of 46000 square meters. Founded in 2008, it is one of the enterprises in the domestic silicone rubber industry, specializing in high-temperature curable silicone rubber (HTV), room temperature curable silicone rubber (RTV) A professional silicone based polymer new material manufacturer integrating three categories of silicone rubber products: addition cured liquid silicone rubber (LSR); The company is a high-tech enterprise, a private high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, a high-tech small and medium-sized enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and a high-growth small and medium-sized enterprise in Jiangsu Province.
        In 2021, Tianchen New Materials achieved a cumulative sales of 800 million yuan, and its series of products were certified by UL, TUV, SGS, FDA, and LFGB, respectively. They are widely used in various fields of the national economy such as new energy (photovoltaic modules), electronics, medical care, and power transmission and distribution. It has hundreds of loyal customers, including Longji, Jingke, Jingao, Trina Solar, and Atlas, and its products have high market competitiveness and reputation. The company has been selected as one of the "Top 30 Enterprises" in Yangzhong City for many consecutive years.
        Tianchen New Material has long attached great importance to enterprise technology research and development, and regarded technological innovation as the "source power" for enterprise development. Currently, it has established two provincial enterprise technology research and development platforms, namely, a 2000 square meter enterprise technology center, and two provincial enterprise technology research and development platforms, namely, the "Jiangsu Multifunctional Silicone Based Elastomer Engineering Technology Research Center" and the "Jiangsu Provincial Certified Enterprise Technology Center". The center has complete facilities for small, pilot, and testing, Carry out research and development business of new products and technologies around the company's three main business products; "We have long-term cooperation with well-known domestic scientific research institutions such as the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, East China University of Technology, Nanjing University of Technology, and other well-known scientific research institutions in the field of new silicone rubber products and processes. We have undertaken more than 20 projects at all levels, and have strong capabilities in scientific research and development and achievement transformation.".
        In the future, Tianchen New Materials will be committed to developing a diversified silicon based new material industry, continuously strengthening research and development investment in new products and technologies, and striving to build the company into a "national silicone new material enterprise!".


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