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 Good tips to  Polish Scratches Off JSTC Mineral Lens
Good tips to Polish Scratches Off JSTC Mineral Lens

1. Understand the limits of removing scratches. Unlike other glass or crystal products, buffing will change the strength of the lenses. Deep scratches can be cleaned up but not removed completely and it's possible that minor scratches can become unnoticeable.
2. Know exactly what your surface is made of. Check if the surface Is glass or plastic lenses with or without coating. This will make a difference on the approach you take to remove scratches.
3. Use a lens cleaner, either from your optometrist or from a CD cleaning kit. This works best to remove minor scratches on eyeglasses.
4. Try a metal polish and a soft cloth, rubbing in a circular pattern for about 5 minutes, depending on the severity of the scratches. It may take several applications, so continue to polish until you achieve the results you desire. Rinse the glasses in soapy water to remove any residue when finished.
5. Rub on creams made for taking scratches from sports helmets. You can find the cream in most sporting goods stores.
6. Drop a small amount of baby oil onto the lenses and rub with a soft cloth. Again, this may take time and works best for minor scratches.
Tips & Warnings
Before using any product to remove a scratch on your eyeglasses, test on a small corner of the lens first.

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