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Silicone breast implants can be harmful: VU research
Silicone breast implants can be harmful: VU research


Silicone breast implants are more harmful than thought, according to research carried out by the VU medical centre in Amsterdam.


The research, involving 80 women, shows that complaints, which are often not taken seriously by doctors, can take years to develop. These complaints include chest pains, tiredness, joint pains and difficulties with concentration.


Removing the implants improved the complaints in 69% of cases, the VU reports.


The problems are worse in women who already suffer from allergies.


The researchers say doctors must take these complaints seriously and, having ruled out other causes, must consider the possibility that the silicone protheses are causing the problems.


Last year, there was global panic when breast implants from the French manufacturer PIP were found to contain industrial grade silicone and had a higher chance of splitting.


The 1,400 women with PIP implants in the Netherlands were advised to have them removed.


Last week, the owner of the PIP factory was sentenced to four years in prison and a fine of €75,000.

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