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Development of silicon rubber
Development of silicon rubber

In recent years, silicon rubber industry achieved attract people's attention performance. With the great leap forward consumption growth, silicon rubber industry has already begun by the high performance special rubber into a mass of synthetic rubber, rubber varieties has become one of the largest amount of. It is reported, the adhesive rubber consumption accounted for 41.8%, natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber together accounted for 28.4%, and the silicon rubber usually only for building sealants, conductive button and a few non tire field, only accounts for 6.4% of the total rubber consumption. Therefore, with silicone rubber to replace other glue in the segment part of non tire, its consumption will grow exponentially, the market space will open. In this regard, the personage inside course of study also agree with the above view. It is expected that, by 2015, silicon rubber will occupy the domestic rubber consumption to 10% ~ 15%, namely silicon rubber consumption is expected to reach 1000000 ~ 1500000 tons, and to 2020, silicone rubber consumption accounted for the proportion is expected to reach 20% ~ 33%, namely silicon rubber consumption is expected to reach 3000000 ~ 5000000 tons. In other words, the development potential and long-term development of silicone rubber industry are very attractive, its rapid development will have far-reaching effects on the upstream and downstream industry.

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